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Welcome to the 2014 Deer Park Tigers Football Season!

Registration for ALL RESERVE PLAYERS will be held on Saturday, April 12, 2014.

Registration will begin at 9:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM at the Avon Center located at 601 W. 8th Street, 77536. In order to reduce the amount of time spent waiting in line, we will have designated registration times for each team. Please follow the schedule as closely as possible. The registration times are as follows:

Pee-Wee and Freshman: 9:00 am
Sophomore: 10:30 am
Junior: 1:00 pm
Senior: 2:30 pm

You are asked to PLEASE PRINT AND COMPLETE ALL APPLICABLE REGISTRATION FORMS listed below. PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL. Having as much completed in advance will ensure a smooth and timely registration process for all players.

Download Files Here

· Registration Information: please fill out completely
· 2014 Registration Checklist: please complete the top section
· 2014 Tiger Football Fees: please select your option and note it on the bottom of the form
· Deer Park Tiger Football Rules: player/parent retain for review
· Tiger Practice Rules, Time, and Location: player/parent retain for review
· Players' Code of Ethics: player to review with parent and sign
· Parents' Code of Ethics: parent to review and sign
· No Tolerance Policy: player/parent to retain for review
· Health Record and Consent To Treat: please fill out completely
· Sponsorship Form: please fill out completely if you have a sponsor
· Tiger Age & Weight Charts: parent to retain for review
· 2014 Football Schedule: player/parent to retain for review

IF YOU HAVE A SIBLING THAT IS ELIGIBLE TO PLAY FOOTBALL, PLEASE CONTACT STEVE REYNOLDS AT 832.465.4339 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You may bring them along with your returning player for registration. Please remember that you MUST have the original birth certificate for any new player AND they MUST be present. Additionally, all returning players MUST be present at registration as all players are required to be weighed and witnessed.

Finally, players with reserve status are only considered reserve for the initial registration. YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR PLAYER BY 4:00 ON APRIL 12TH, OR HE WILL LOSE HIS RESERVE STATUS and they will not be guaranteed a position on the team as outlined below, per TIFI rule 5.04:

Certain children have reserve status and have the right to reserved positions on teams. The following reserve status applies to:

1. Boys/girls that are last year's returning participants (both football and drill) have reserve status in their previous Booster Club
2. Siblings of last year’s football/drill (whether returning or not) have reserve status in the sibling’s previous Booster Club
3. Children of last year’s coaching staff or Booster Club Executive Committee members have reserve status in their Booster Club
4. Properly released transfer players (on conditions of position availability, see Section 4.00)
5. Children of last year’s TIFI Conference Executive Board members have reserve status in any Booster Club of their choice until registered for the current season. Then they apply to reserve status in 1.
6. Siblings of released experienced participants have reserve status with the team of their choice.

Note 1:
Children of current year (upcoming season) coaching staff do not have reserve status unless they fall into one of the categories listed above.
Note 2: Returning players are defined as players that participated in at least one TIFI game last season.

Game Photos - You may view and download pictures free of charge from the 2007-2014 seasons by clicking here. To download Hi-Res image, click on thumbnail to enlarge photo, then right click on photo and choose download then choose original. You may also order prints directly from the site and they will be mailed to you.
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